The HYT Solution is a watch that overcomes the force of gravity to indicate the passage of time with fluids. This advanced technology took inspiration from the philosophy to reflect time’s intrinsic fluidity.

    Hyt website 
  • Daniel A. Spitz

    Daniel A. Spitz is a micro mechanical artist that marries
    the know-how he has developed studying and working in Switzerland with a unique
    approach to haute horlogerie to create exceptional timepieces for a select few.

    DanSpitz website 
  • Singer Reimagined

    Singer Reimagined was created in 2017 to explore the world of high end watchmaking.

    The more you scratch the surface with Singer’s work, the more there is to discover.

    Singer Reimagined website 

    STREHLER is an independent Swiss watch manufacturer based in Sirnach.

    Founded in 2023 by the watchmakerAndreas Strehler, recognized for his ingenuity and quality work over the years.

    Strehler website 
  • Garrick

    Founded by David Brailsford and Simon Michlmayr, Garrick creates fine British timepieces in its own dedicated facility in Norfolk. The brand makes limited volumes of watches encompassing a high quotient of hand-craftsmanship.

    Garrick website 
  • Andreas Strehler

    Andreas Strehler is an independent watchmaker based in Sirnach.

    Andreas Strehler designs, constructs and manufactures his movements in his own workshop with the help of a small and dedicated workforce.

    Andreas Strehler website 

    Khemea is a new independent watch brand, and its first
    watch, Arkhea, is the brand's masterpiece. This watch is the crystallization of
    years of painstaking efforts of the founder of the brand - Shona Taine.

    Khemea instagram 
  • Holthinrich

    Holthinrichs Watches create unique three-dimensional wrist sculptures inspired by architecture. Innovative manufacturing technologies with in-house traditional craftsmanship.

    Holthinrich website 
  • Löbner

    Löbner Chronographs are developed to the highest German quality standards. Löbner`s Swissmade clocks are produced in Glashütte I.SA. Finely adjusted and assembled by hand. They are sold exclusively at Bucherer, and now also at Tidemann Luxury watches.

    Löbner website 

    Fail or prevail but make it bold with Reservoir watches. Tidemann Luxury Watches is the only retailer in Norway for this innovative and Swiss watch brand. The timepieces take on the ultra-functional style of instrument meters, creating a radical way to read time.

    Reservoir website 
  • Tidemann

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The founder of Tidemann Luxury Watches, Tom André Tidemann has more than 25 years' experience in the watch industry curating and selling the most high-end watch brands available. In Tidemann Luxury Watches we have a strong passion for art, engineering and design, so we have also had a drive to go into production of our own watches and develop our own watch manufacture. Spearheading cooperations with leading manufactures in Switzerland and Germany has so far lead to the development of “Ragnarok” and the “Black Metal” watch brand.

For the last years the dream of reaching the pinnacle of watch manufacturing has become a reality through the collaboration with Tidemann’s good friend and higly skilled Master Watchmaker Daniel Spitz. Through this collaboration the Tidemann & Spitz watch brand is born. Our purpose is to levitate Norway and USA onto the premium watch scene by developing our own ticking masterpieces in a very limited edition. At the same time our goal is to curate the finest watch brands available in our Tidemann Luxury Watches portfolio together with our own manufactured brand Tidemann & Spitz.

By becoming a Tidemann customer you are an important part of this ongoing story. We aim for excellence here at Tidemann Luxury Watches so we only curate the most unique and highest quality brands onto your wrist. We also make your ownership easy as we provide service and a second-hand market for your unique piece of time. Welcome to the Tidemann Family.

Watch Repair

Is your watch in need of repair? Reach out to us for a consultation.

Ragnarok by Tom Andrè Tidemann

The ‘Ragnarok’ by Tidemann Watches might be the first ever
haute horlogerie release with its own heavy metal theme song…

Tidemann Brothers

Tidemann means time-men in Norwegian. A fitting name for two brothers that have a passion for watches and watchmaking.

Tom Andrè is proud of his long-standing collaboration with his brother Lars Christian Tidemann. Being one of the north’s finest master watchmakers.

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