Welcome to our grand opening June 16th

Tidemann Luxury Watches is pleased to invite you to the opening of our new premises at Fornebu Hovedgård!

Since the takeover of the premises in March, we have worked hard to create a location to build a unique customer experience. We are very proud to finally show our friends and partners this fantastic and unique location with long historical roots dating back to the Middle Ages.

We are also very proud and humble in relation to the watch brands we have on the team. They represent some of the best in watchmaking and technology, and for the occasion we have representatives from all brands ready to convey the unique stories and background for their design and timepieces. There really are some esquisite works of art here that we just have to show you, and hope you take the time to visit us for an exciting afternoon and evening.

In addition to fantastic watch brands, there will be an exhibition of great and unique art, newly launched Ferrari and Maserati from Formula Automobile, and of course good drinks from the Rebel Group, who will be serving and displaying exciting wines and a newly launched aquavit from Meir.

Sewn together with summery tones from a DJ and dining, the table is set for a full evening with us.

We start at 15.00 this day and we continue until 21.00 with the opportunity to continue throughout the evening.
We are idyllically located between two hotels and if there is a need for accommodation, please contact the hotels.

We hope you will take the time to celebrate this event with us!

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